Tips for choosing a photograph

-  The better the photo quality,  the better the portrait.  If the photo is blurry, I will probably not be able to see enough detail.  If you are unsure about the quality of the photo, email me a copy and I will let you know.

-  The closer the subject's face is, the better for a portrait.  The size of the original photo is unimportant as long as it is a good quality upload, I can enlarge the photo to show enough detail.

-  All original photos will be returned with the finished portrait, but copies are preferred.  The best option is to e-mail me a digital copy.

-  Please understand that,  if  I do not personally know the subject in the photograph,  I can only draw what I see.  Choose a photo that is as "true to life" as possible.  Is that their smile?  Do they look heavier/thinner in the photo?  Do they normally wear their hair that way?  The closer the person looks in the photo to "real life", the better the portrait will be.  

-  I am able to make some minor adjustments to the subject like weight reduction, age regression, clothing pattern, hairstyle, or other miscellaneous additions.  

Please contact me at for any additional information you may need or any special requests you may have.